The Andorra Difusió program La rotonda, hosted by Rosa Alberch, kindly invited me to talk about my doctoral thesis on the Coprincipality of Andorra, which has taken me more than 10 years of hard work. In my research I have even consulted Vatican documents.

I was asked my opinion on the danger of breaking the Coprincipality, something that has been a guarantee of the country’s independence, and I believe that we still do not have the answer to that question since it will depend on the social changes that will take place.

Likewise, I consider that a Coprincipality with only one Coprince would not be viable and that an alternative would be a republic.

I leave you the video of the interview that was broadcasted last October 15 in Andorra Difusió in case you are interested in delving into the subject.

It was a pleasure for me to attend La Rotonda and to be allowed to talk about a topic that I know deeply. I hope you like it.