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The figure of the notary is deeply rooted in Principality of Andorra’s legal history, dating back to the year 1288.

Isidre Bartumeu Notari

The Notary

Isidre Bartumeu Martínez

Born in Andorra la Vella, Principality of Andorra, on 31 December, 1963


Academic training

Degree in Law from the University of Barcelona (UB). Doctorate studies in Constitutional Law and Political Science at the same university.


Professional experience and institutional positions

In 1992, during the Andorran constituent process, appointed Secretary of the Syndicate (Presidency of the Andorran Parliament), coordinating the tasks of the Presidency of the Andorran Parliament, participating in the drafting of the text of the Constitution of the Principality of Andorra.

  • Between 1994 and 1998 Secretary General of the Constitutional Court of Andorra.
  • Since 1998 Notary Public in the Principality of Andorra.


Teaching experience

Since 2015, coordination of several courses in relation to the new Andorran law of succession at the University of Andorra, having regularly taught, as a collaborating professor, classes in public and private law at the aforementioned University.


Books and publications

“Dret de successions”, 2nd edition. Fundació Julià Reig. Col·lecció Fonaments de dret privat andorrà, volum 1. Andorra (2018). (Co-author).

  • “La nova regulació de la successió per causa de mort al Principat d’Andorra; Llei 46/2014, del 18 de desembre, de la successió per causa de mort”. Barcelona (Spain) (2016). Revista Jurídica de Catalunya, Editorial Aranzadi. (Author).
  • “Introducció al sistema constitucional del Principat d’Andorra” Fundació Julià Reig. Andorra (2010). (Author).
  • “Empresa familiar i successió en l’ordenament jurídic d’Andorra”. Empresa Familiar Andorra. Andorra (2008). (Author).
  • “Perspectives del dret successori a Europa”. Editorial Marcial Pons. Madrid (Spain) (2007). (Co-author).
  • “François Luchaire, un républicain au service de la République ”. Publications de la Sorbonne. Paris (France) (2005). (Co-author).
  • “Legislació i jurisprudència constitucional del Principat d’Andorra”. Fundació Julià Reig. Andorra (2003). (Author).
  • “L’economia andorrana en el canvi de segle”. Fundació Julià Reig. Andorra (2001). (Co-author).
  • “Tratado del Derecho de sucesiones vigente en España y Andorra (Con alertas fiscales)” Thomson Reuters Aranzadi (2020).
  • “The Legal Entity in Andorran Law” Joan Manel Abril Campoy (2020) (Coordinator).


Participation in the drafting of bills and laws

Participation in the drafting of several laws in the Principality of Andorra. Initially, collaboration in the drafting of a set of regulations that implemented the Andorran constitution, namely:

  • Law on the Constitutional Court (1993).
  • Law on the electoral and referendum system (1993).
  • Regulations of the General Council (1993).
  • Law on the delimitation of the communal territory (1993).
  • Law on Marriage (1995).
  • Law regulating the activity of the State in the matter of Treaties (1996).
  • Law to amend the Law on the Constitutional Court (1999).

Subsequent collaboration in the drafting of a series of laws regulating, mainly, Andorran private institutions, especially in the field of succession law and family law, such as:

  • Associations Act (2000).
  • Law of Foundations (2008).
  • Law amending the Foreign Investment Law in the Principality of Andorra (2008).
  • Law 34/2014, of 27 November, on civil unions amending the law on marriage, of 30 June, 1995. (2014) (2014)
  • Law 46/2014, of 18 December, on succession due to death (2014).

Involvement, for over ten years, in the promotion in various fields of the codification of Andorran private law. Having coordinated and participated in the drafting of Law 46/2014, of 18 December, on succession due to death, and also having coordinated and participated in the drafting of the proposed law on the person and family; a proposal that will soon go through parliament.


Additional information

Since March 2013, corresponding member of the Institut d’Estudis Catalans, within the Philosophy and Social Sciences section.

  • Member of the Editorial Board of the Legal Collection “Set Claus”, since 1995 attached to Premsa Andorrana S.A. and Edicions del Diari d’Andorra.
  • Several journalistic collaborations in the Diari d’Andorra and La Vanguardia.

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The Notary

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